You are welcome

Whether you are new to Exeter, just visiting, or new to church and want to explore Christianity for the first time, you are welcome at Belmont.  

Our church is one local part of the worldwide church united by the cross of Jesus.  We love to share the good news about Jesus Christ as together we follow Jesus in our everyday situations.  No matter what your background or experience, if you are exploring faith or looking for a place to belong, come and join us on Sunday.

How to find us

We’re a Christian church. So we gather together every Sunday to worship God, support each other, learn from the Bible, and help new people on their journey to faith. Throughout the week lots of activities, for every age group, also take place. But it doesn’t all happen here. Throughout the week, wherever they are, Belmont people are being “the church” in their homes, workplaces and leisure activities. We’re a 24/7 family – this is just our home base.

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