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The Marriage Course – revised arrangements..

In the light of the current pandemic arrangements have changed. The next course was due to run on seven Thursday evenings commencing in October 2020 using the NEWLY RELEASED updated version of The Marriage Course. But now there’s no need to wait, because the course is being made available on-line.

If you’d asked me six weeks ago what I wanted more of in life, it would have been time with my wife and children. Lockdown has given me that in spades – but it hasn’t all been a bed of roses. Sometimes it has actually felt that spending all our time together has degraded our relationship, partly because most of that time seems to be spent on work, children and attending to everyone’s basic, day to day needs. – So doing The Marriage Course, and setting aside specific, quality time together has been hugely helpful, and I’ve found it really instrumental in helping to understand our relationship and each other. Who knew, for instance, that there are techniques available to improve one’s listening skills? It turns out that I am, by nature, a reassurer and a problem solver when it comes to listening to my wife, which isn’t always what she wants from a conversation about what’s bothering her. – Learning invaluable things like this is invaluable – and will hopefully continue to build our marriage long after lockdown has ended” (The Daily Telegraph 16 April 2020)

Here’s what some couples have said after attending the previous version of the course here at Belmont:

  • You know it makes sense. Give it a try!
  • It provides loads of useful tools for now and the future.
  • We loved it. It helped us understand each other better and has prepared us for the future.
  • A dedicated evening to get to know each other again and equip you with tools to keep your marriage healthy and strong.
  • An excellent course that helped strengthen our marriage and helped us to be more supportive to each other.
  • Before attending the Marriage Course we were quick to criticise when tired or under pressure, which always led to arguments. The course helped us to identify trigger points and to tackle issues in a more loving and constructive way.
  • It’s never too late and you’re never too old – the Marriage Course provides a truly proven way and means by which real marital happiness can be achieved. We can now look forward to a loving, warm and wonderful future.
  • Helped so much with communication.
  • It helps you focus on the need to monitor how things are going.
  • A time to grow together

To register your interest or if you’d like to know about the new course and how it works on-line, please contact Mike & Sue Cox, Belmont’s Marriage Course Coordinators, by ringing the Belmont office on 01392 258029 or email:



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