Curious about Jesus?

We firmly believe that Jesus is the best news any life can ever hear. One of our most important jobs as a church is to help anyone who wants to find out more about him.

In a nutshell, here’s what we think about Jesus:

  • That he was God in a body, stepping into his own creation.
  • That he lived the perfect life, showing what humanity at its best and fullest looks like.
  • That the ultimate purpose of this incredible life was not his unsurpassed teaching or even his stunning miracles, but his death and resurrection.
  • That on those two events history pivots, and makes possible forgiveness, a relationship  with God here and now, a fresh start, and a certain hope of life after death.
  • That he loves you  and wants you to know this forgiveness, hope and new life.

We would love to help you meet Jesus for yourself.  That offer is open to anyone, whatever your background, previous experience or stage of life.

Three straight-forward ways to find out more about Jesus are to come to a service on  Sunday, come along to our informal Christianity Discussion group, or just give us a ring on 01392 258029 or drop us an email.

 Christianity Discussion Group

We run the group each term.  It’s a great place to find out more about what Christians believe, and a safe, friendly space to ask any questions you want about God.  There’s even a home-cooked meal to start the evening.  To find out more without committing yourself, contact Gill in the office.

If you’d like to chat informally to someone without any commitment you can contact us by 01392 258029 or email.

Upcoming Services

  1. 16th Dec @ 9:30 Songs for a Saviour - Joy for the helpless. All Together. Family Communion.
  2. 16th Dec @ 11:15 Songs for a Saviour - Joy for the helpless. With Communion.
  3. 16th Dec @ 15:00 FAMILY CAROL SERVICE
  4. 16th Dec @ 17:00 Carols around Newtown
  5. 23rd Dec @ 9:30 Songs for a Saviour - Joy for the heavens. All Together. With Family Communion.
  6. 23rd Dec @ 11:15 NO 11.15 TODAY
  7. 23rd Dec @ 19:00 CAROL SERVICE
  8. 25th Dec @ 10:00 CHRISTMAS DAY Joy for the World

Matthew 5:14

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.