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Home Group Study Notes – Whole Life Worship

Here are the session notes.

Session 1   Worshipping Engages Our Whole Lives

Session 2  Worshipping Offers Us Fresh Insight

Session 3   Worshipping Transforms Our Ordinary Actions

Session 4   Worshipping Inspires Our Everyday Speech

Session 5   Worshipping Focuses Our Wavering Hearts

Notes to help us read the Bible with another person

John Allan spoke at the Belmont Church Meeting on 20th March about reading the Bible with another person.  Here are John’s guidance notes to help us.  The notes are also in printed form on the Information Point in the Concourse at Belmont.

And the document, Bible Reading Resources contains are some other suggestions for use in small groups or one-to-one reading.

Here are a range of resources from the CARE TEAM


Books on Mental Health


Dementia Resources


Map my marriage

Marriage books, dvds and podcasts

The Marriage Course run at Belmont


How others can help

There are also a general helpful books and dvds to borrow from Karol Chew in the office

Useful websites from the Care Team.

Care for the Family – they promote strong family life and many relevant issues and resources.

Mind and Soul Foundation. – The Christian faith and mental health.  Articles and resources.

Biblical Counselling UK. – A number of very good articles re counselling ( small c ) people.












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Nehemiah 8:10

...for the joy of the Lord is your strength