TERM CARD: Spring 2020

Home Groups

See the BIG bible story.  For the first part of 2020 our recommended study material for home groups is the Bible Course.  Through a mixture of video, discussion and reading we’ll travel from the beginning to the end of the bible story.  There are course booklets available for everyone taking part.

The ongoing SLOBS sessions will be helpful to each study leader in preparing to get the most from each section.  If you are leading a study then these SLOBS sessions will be essential to getting the best from this excellent resource from the Bible Society.

Video are available on DVD, or USB from the Belmont Office and can be streamed / downloaded session by session from these links.  More information about showing the videos will be available at SLOBS.

Session 1 – Introducing the Bible      and the Discussion Guide
Session 2 – Creation and Covenant
Session 3 – Exodus and the Promised Land
Session 4 – Judges and Kings
Session 5 – Exile and the Prophets
Session 6 – Jesus and the Gospels
Session 7 – Acts and the Church
Session 8 – Revelation and Review

The Course Host Guide provides practical details about running the course

Resources to help us read the Bible with another person

John Allan spoke at the Belmont Church Meeting on 20th March about reading the Bible with another person.  Here are John’s guidance notes to help us.  The notes are also in printed form on the Information Point in the Concourse at Belmont.

And the document, Bible Reading Resources contains are some other suggestions for use in small groups or one-to-one reading.

Here are a range of resources from the CARE TEAM


Books on Mental Health


Dementia Resources


Map my marriage

Marriage books, dvds and podcasts

The Marriage Course run at Belmont


How others can help

There are also a general helpful books and dvds to borrow from Karol Chew in the office

Useful websites from the Care Team.

Care for the Family – they promote strong family life and many relevant issues and resources.

Mind and Soul Foundation. – The Christian faith and mental health.  Articles and resources.

Biblical Counselling UK. – A number of very good articles re counselling ( small c ) people.












Upcoming Services

  1. 2nd Feb @ 9:30 Light for the Nations
  2. 2nd Feb @ 11:15 Light for the Nations
  3. 2nd Feb @ 19:00 The Kingdom is here. Rest. (inc SLOBS)
  4. 9th Feb @ 9:30 Light for the Nations - A vision of something bigger
  5. 9th Feb @ 11:15 Light for the Nations - A vision of something bigger
  6. 9th Feb @ 19:00 The Kingdom is here. Relationship.

Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain