Who we are

We’re independent.  We run our own affairs with no national body. We aren’t Church of England, Baptist, Methodist or anything like that.  However, we do believe strongly in working together with other Christians and so we are members of national groups like the Evangelical Alliance. We are also members of Exeter Evangelical Partnership and work closely with other city churches to make the good news of Jesus known.

Who runs Belmont?

Lots of people!  There’s a “Leadership Team” of men and women who have ultimate responsibility for what the church does, and there are trustees who are financially and legal responsible but there are many others who run an area of the church’s activity, or lead a small group.

Where does Belmont get its thinking from?

From the Bible, which we believe is still relevant and powerful.  It’s God’s guide to living in his world, and if it’s had a bad press over the last few years that been undeserved.  It’s just as valid as it ever was.  It isn’t inconsistent, irrelevant or boring.  We believe this for good historical and scholarly reasons.  But we also trust the Bible because we find that when we read and follow it God speaks to us through it and we get to know him better.

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Environmental Concern

At Belmont we believe our world has immense value because it has its origin in God. In the Bible, God says “every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine” (Psalm 50, v.10-11). The God who created all things is also the God who cares for what He has made. And, as His prophets were continually underlining, God cares particularly deeply for the poor and disadvantaged in His world. Sadly, we know that these are the people who will suffer most from man-made climate change.  So, we try to better integrate an environmental concern into living out our faith.

Belmont is an Eco-Church and we are the proud holders of a Bronze award from our partner organisation A Rocha. Formerly, we were second award holders under the Eco-Congregation scheme.

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Upcoming Services

  1. 23rd Feb @ 9:30 Light for the Nations - The power of something tiny
  2. 23rd Feb @ 11:15 Light for the Nations - The power of something tiny
  3. 23rd Feb @ 19:00 The Kingdom is here. Evidence. (inc SLOBS)
  4. 1st Mar @ 9:30 Light for the Nations - The lack of something unique
  5. 1st Mar @ 11:15 Light for the Nations - The lack of something unique
  6. 1st Mar @ 15:00 Belmont @ Three

Matthew 5:14

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.